Polish Style Smoked Sausage by Kiolbassa

Another review for the good people over at Kiolbassa, you can see our last one here. We have tried 4 products from this company and they continue to impress.

One thing we have found over the years is that if you start with quality ingredients and keep it simple, you should turn out a very fine sausage. The other thing we found is that this isn’t always the case. The devil is in the details and with sausage there is a lot that can go wrong like a finished product devoid of flavor, over or under smoked, or a sausage that is very greasy or has an odd mouth-feel because the texture is wrong. And don’t get me started on gristle and bone.

Of the 4 Kiolbassa products we have sampled, every one them including of course the smoked polish above, got it right. From the medium to fine grind, the spicing, the smoke levels, the heat levels (where applicable), even the cheese flavor and texture (again, where applicable), all right. No gristle or byproduct to screw up the experience and no puddle of grease on your plate when you’re done.

We mentioned before that this is a premium sausage that is available in your local grocery. If I were in Texas, I would probably get over to a really good smokehouse for sausage. But quite frankly, you just can’t go wrong with Kiolbassa.


Highly recommended, this is as good as a commercially available sausage gets and rivals a good smokehouse product.