Pederson Farms Uncured Smoked Bacon and Pork Sausage

After an OK start with Pedersons products, they came roaring back with their excellent Andouille product. So how about the Uncured Smoked Bacon and Pork Sausage?

I put these puppies on the grill and they came out beautifully charred with juice oozing out of slightly split casings – watching them cook reminded me of some of the high quality natural casing hot dogs that I really like on the grill. The folks at Pederson’s have a real winner on their hands here.

Typically I will pass on buying products that are uncured and/or the label shouts at me about how the pork was raised and no gluten and no nitrates, etc – so many of this type of product in the past has been, well, gimmicky in the way that soy sausage is gimmicky. It never tasted right and in my mind, was for people who didn’t really like sausage.

Not this one. Forget about all the good things on the label (and they are good things). This sausage hands down is flavorful, juicy, and meaty. The bacon and pork flavors really shine and the sausage is mildly spiced in a way that doesn’t get in the way of the porky goodness.

I would give this a strong 8 on a scale of 10 and can highly recommend you give this a try. This is the second Pederson’s product we reviewed in the past 3 days and both received a score of 8. In my book, that’s a great score and is only enhanced by the fact that they start with great ingredients and then let those products speak for themselves.


Pederson Farms Andouille Sausage

This is the second review of Pederson farms products – see here for the first review.

If you read our last review you know how much we appreciate the type of products that Pederson Farms produces, with clean ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Today we are trying their Andouille sausage. Pardon the photo…apparently my photo skills need work.

Let me start by saying that this was not the best example of an Andouille sausage I have ever eaten. But in the style (Andouille), this was one of the best sausages I’ve eaten in some time. I know that sounds confusing so let me try it this way. This was not a GREAT Andouille sausage but it was a GREAT sausage with nice Andouille flavors.  Not greasy but juicy, I would describe this as a very meaty sausage with densely packed and well seasoned pork.

The grind was finer then many Andouille sausages I’ve had in the past and it wasn’t as spicy as most.

Neither of those issues however detracted from an excellent sausage experience. I grilled these but they would be right at home in any dish or sandwich, prepared in any manner you prefer.

This gets a strong 8 out of 10 on my scale and I highly recommend you try this product.



Pederson’s Natural Farms Sweet German Smoked Sausage

The fine folks at Pederson’s shipped us a suitcase full of their many different styles of sausages for us to review. Thanks!

Pederson’s is in Hamilton Texas and they specialize in all natural meat products including various sausages, bacon, and hams. Click here to read more about the company.

First up for us is their Sweet German Smoked Sausage, a single large link (or loop) sausage made primarily from pork. This sausage has a very clean and simple list of ingredients and it contains no nitrates, nitrites, hormones, or antibiotics. It’s good to see a manufacturer committed to proper and natural animal husbandry. I think it’s often easier (although more expensive) for smaller meat markets and butchers to commit to good natural products then a larger company so it’s encouraging to see Pederson’s leading the way on this issue.

Having said that, I found this sausage to be both underspiced and under smoked. I cooked this in an open pan, heating it through to 145 degrees.I sliced it open to reveal a nice medium to fine grind that was tightly compacted. Often a smoked sausage tends to be one note of either smoke or in the case of a spicy smoked sausage, heat. Unfortunately I found myself looking for (longing for actually) something…some unique or even standard smoked sausage flavor and just could not find anything that was sausage satisfying to my palate.

Now that’s not to say this sausage is bad because it’s not and if you often find your sausage to be to smoky or hot, this sausage is high in quality, has great texture, and would probably be perfect for you or dinner guests.

I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the Pederson’s Natural Farms styles!