Mulay’s Sausage

I love a good, well made high quality smoked sausage. If you mix in a nice cheese and maybe some jalapeno, I’m in heaven. On the other hand, it’s hard to beat a fresh sausage made with high quality pork and subtle spices. The experiences are very different and I’m not sure I could choose between one or the other if it came down to naming my favorite. Continue reading “Mulay’s Sausage”

Tommyknocker Beer Brats

It can be interesting when companies combine their products/efforts. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.

For example, Budweiser and Nascar. Now I recognize that many Nascar fans enjoy a Bud from time to time but the whole drinking and driving thing just doesn’t mix well. Or Dodge and the Lingeria Football League. A fine idea for about 3 minutes until somebody at Dodge gets a clue. Unfortunately that was about 2 minutes too late for the press release to be stopped. Continue reading “Tommyknocker Beer Brats”

Guinness Beer Brats

I saw this product as I was walking through my local Kroger grocery store so being a fan of Guinness and a fan of brats, this product made perfect sense to me. I quickly picked one up and headed home to give them a try.

A pork sausage with a strong beer flavoring, I thought these were ok. Their main competition is probably the Hillshire Farm Miller Beer brat that we reviewed some time ago.

The Guinness brat had a stronger beer flavor and in fact was a little strong for my taste. I think the Hillshire product was better seasoned and had a milder beer taste.

If you like Guinness and you like brats I would say give these a shot (maybe even as a hair of the dog). I probably won’t buy them again but would rate them a 2.5 on a scale of 5.

DC Bratwurst by Simply Sausage

dc braturst simply sausage

Over the years I think I’ve tasted 50 different brats. Many of them had very similar flavor profiles but now and then you run into one that really stands out..not always as a brat but as a sausage. The DC Bratwurst from Simply Sausage does a fine job of being a brat with a somewhat unique flavor profile.

I cooked these in an open pan to a temperature of 162 degrees. On first bite I was hit with a strong but not over powering taste of pork and pepper. By the time I finished the first sausage I was a fan and I found that the pepper itself was very addicting. As I sat making notes, I steadily sampled away at the 3 remaining sausages and, unfortunate as it may be for my balanced eating plan, I finished off this delightfully spiced 4 pack in about 30 minutes sans bread, condiments, or any sides. Feeling a bit guilty I decided to skip my evening snack.

My conclusion. If you’re a fan of brats and the beautiful subtlety of pepper, I’m sure you will find this sausage to be amazing. I would buy this sausage again with no hesitation and highly recommend brat lovers give this a try.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, water, caraway, lemon zest, pepper, nutmeg.