Bodins Hot Boudin Sausage

Although Boudin isn’t uniquely Cajun (or Creole), if you say boudin I automatically think of Cajun food which is actually boudin blanc..the white (no blood) sausage of Louisiana that consists of pork, rice and seasonings.  I realize there are other variations but it’s the boudin I have known.

The beauty of boudin in Louisiana is that other then the basic equation of pork rice, and seasonings, the recipe used by every butcher shop and town store is probably slightly different with more distinct differences noticeable as you go from region to region. You can hop over to wikipedia for a general breakdown of boudin types.

Today we are going to review Bodin’s Hot Boudin – hot meaning spice of course. This is a fairly well known boudin and it can be purchased frozen from several sites online including Cajun Grocer, one of my favorite online stores.

bodins hot boudin sausage

This is a pre-cooked product so you are just heating it through (to at least 160 degrees of course). I steamed 3 links in about a 1/4 cup of water with the lid on and then added a little olive oil to make the skin crispy but pliable. Once it was done I split the first link open..

pork boudin

And as you can see, rice, pork, and seasonings. This particular brand had nice flavor and good heat. I always find the frozen boudin products to be a little gummy but what are you going to do except enjoy it or get down to Cajun country for a boudin run? (And I feel one of those runs coming on soon!).

Overall, this is a good product with nice flavor and decent heat and I would buy it again.

Ingredients: Cooked rice, pork meat, water, dried onion, salt, brown kwik, dried parsley, dried green onion, flavoring, spices.

Esposito’s Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

Another Chicken sausage, this one from Esposito’s in New York.

espositos chicken hot italian sausage

This is a fine ground sausage with a good amount of fennel and fair amount of heat. This does in fact taste like a Hot Italian Sausage but I don’t think it rises to Esposito’s regular Hot Italian Sausage.

BUT, if you like or prefer chicken sausage and you like italian sausage, I’m telling you that this is probably the sausage for you. The flavors would hold up very nicely in a pot of sauce or better yet, stuff a couple of these into some good bread with some onions and peppers and you have a healthier sausage sub with no discernible difference in taste with a premium pork italian sausage.

One thing that impresses me about Esposito’s chicken sausages is the ingredients. I’m a firm believer that in order to have a quality product you have to start with quality ingredients and Esposito’s gets that right with their chicken sausages.

While a traditional pork italian hot sausage would be my first choice, I wouldn’t hesitate to order this sausage again.

Ingredients: Chicken, water, salt, fennel, pepper, paprika.

Esposito’s Italian Sausage with Provolone Cheese

This is a thin rope type sausage from Esposito’s in NY. If you’ve read our other Esposito reviews, you know that these guys can flat make sausage and this one is as good as the others.

While cooking, this sausage was very aromatic, filling the kitchen with a pleasant cheesy porky scent and splitting open the sausage after cooking provides a nice view of a juicy but near colorless interior mixture.

This is a very mildly seasoned sausage with a very pronounced provolone cheese flavor. It’s been my experience that the cheese in some sausages gives the finished product a slight chemical smell and taste or as is often the case in store bought mass produced sausages, the cheese just doesn’t show up at all in either taste or texture. That wasn’t the case with this sausage from Espositos. The provolone provided a nice smoky, creamy texture and clearly was a nice quality product before it went into this sausage.

A very good sausage for just about any cooking method, this is not a sausage that you bury in a dish with other strong flavors and is probably best enjoyed all by itself.

I would purchase this sausage again.

Ingredients: Pork, provolone cheese, water, salt, dextrose, pepper, romano cheese, msg, parsley, fennel, bha, bht with citric acid.