Dearborn Products

I recently received a nice package of products from Dearborn Brand up in Michigan. In business since 1946, Dearborn produces a wide variety of products including hams, condiments, and of course sausage.


1904 Natural Casing Hotdogs – Unfortunately for me, in my area it is almost impossible to find a natural casing hotdog, much less a good one. So I was pleased when I opened the box to find a one pound package of their 1904 Natural Casing Dogs. I found these to be a top tier dog with great spicing, a perfect grind, and a spot on natural casing with a great snap. I didn’t realize how much I missed this type of product and I would rate this particular dog a strong 4. If you can’t get NC dogs in your area, buy these online and they will ship them right out to you.

I also received some of their Smoked Kielbasa. This was an excellent example of a fine kielbasa product with no grit, no filler, and a fabulous meaty fine grind. Spiced right and ready to toss on the grill, you just couldn’t do any better then this at your next backyard bbq.

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  1. Dearborn is good. I like their fresh kielbasa and hot Hungarian sausages best. The hot dogs, well they’re hot dogs.

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