I’m a fan of Trader Joe’s and I shop there about once a week, picking up all kinds of great products and produce. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of those great products.


Let me start by saying I love the flavors of traditional Korean BBQ and I’m ok with chicken sausage that is done right. The problem is, chicken sausage is really hard to do right and most often I find that you have to go to a really good specialty butcher or sausage maker (like Esposito’s) to get a good chicken sausage.

This product got everything wrong and I came away after choking down two sausages (I couldn’t believe how bad the first one was so I had to have another…yep, just as bad) with a vow to never eat chicken sausages again.

The grind was rough, the packing was loose, the spicing tasted artificial, and the product was watery. This was the worst sausage I have had in some time.

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