Three Pepper Sausage from the Maestro Sausage Company

This is a wonderfully porky sausage with medium heat and just a touch of sweetness from the peppers.  Solid flavors all around, it would be perfect on the grill or dropped in a pan with some peppers, onions, and a good red sauce, then baked for a couple of hours to let it all come together. in fact, that sounds like dinner this weekend. The heat was a nice pepper style of mellow heat and not the almost caustic unnatural heat you get from some sausages when the manufacturer relies solely on cayenne.

Here’s my only beef with this product. I’m not a fan of smoke flavoring because of the aftertaste that it leaves. I think this is a fine sausage but I think overall it would be better if the liquid smoke was left out. (See Nick’s clarification below on this)

I would purchase this sausage and recommend you give it a try.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks Larry! No sweat! We are very happy, and I hope you like the port wine and romano cheese! It was actually a secret family recipe of ours, only made for special occasions, up until a couple of years ago when we began selling it!

  2. Hey Nick – thanks for setting me straight on that!

    For me, there is enough flavor in the sausage components so the smoke in this case is unnecessary (opinions heh 😉

    That said, for the record I’m going to remove the word liquid since not only is it not correct but quite frankly I didn’t even think I had used that term until you corrected me with the source of the smoke.

    You folks are doing it right – keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to trying out the last box on hand here – I believe it is your Italian with port wine and romano cheese. From the first hot Italian sausage, I’ve had high expectations and you guys have not let me down.

  3. I’m glad you liked it! This is definitely our most popular specialty sausage. I too dislike the flavor of liquid smoke, which is why we don’t use it in the sausage. What you are actually tasting is some smoked spices that we use because we’ve found it to give our sausages a much more natural smoke flavor than the chemically induced smoke flavor of a liquid smoke. Thanks again!

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