We covered a bit about Sunset Farm in some other reviews but just to recap, a Georgia meat company in business since 1918, Sunset Farm produces just about every meat product that I can recall in my time growing up in the South. From smoked ham, picnics, and bacon to souse and liver pudding. And of course, sausages.

I spent some time on their website searching out some products to try for future reviews (Bell Pepper and Onion, Jalapeno and Monterey Jack, Garlic Herb and Tomato, Beef Smoked Sausages, and Georgia Reds all look interesting so expect to see these in future reviews) but today we’re going to take a look at their Georgia Smoked Sausage.

sunset farm georgia smoked sausage

In the world of smoked sausage there are just a few things that you need to get right to make a good sausage.

  • Texture – a good smoked sausage shouldn’t be gritty or have a greasy mouth feel. When you take a bite you should be thinking meaty and flavorful
  • Flavor – a slight smokiness with a little bite from the spice and above all the flavor of pork should come through
  • Aroma – a part of the overall taste, the aroma should be a nice mix of smoke and pork

Unfortunately there are many lower end sausage makers that just get it wrong, producing a sausage gritty with fillers, gristle, or poor quality ingredients. Some places over-smoke their sausage making it almost caustic and still others create a bland greasy sausage with no real feel for properly spicing a sausage so all the components come together.

I’m pleased to say that the Georgia Smoked Sausage product hits all the right notes. I grilled some up this afternoon and everything about this sausage was spot on from the smoke and spice levels to the fine grind of the meat that provided great texture and mouth feel. I’ve got a few links remaining and I think I’m going to use them in a pot of split pea soup tomorrow.

If you like a good southern style smoked sausage or you’re living where you can’t get a good southern style smoked sausage, Sunset Farm offers online ordering and I recommend you pick some up. I’ve been very pleased with the products we’ve reviewed and I’m confident that you will be too.

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6 Responses

  1. Let me tell you, I bought the sausage patties, besides the fact that it smelt like dog food frying in the frying pan, and i dont even know what that smells like, I even added sage, salt , and pepper, I still cant get that smell out of my kitchen, I dont know what this brand was thinking when they printed sausage on the wrapper, it is by no means is even in the same category with anything in the sausage food group.

  2. Just moved to TN 40 minutes south of Knoxville. Have not been able to find our favorite smoked sausage from Louisiana. Came across your smoked sausage being displayed at the local Sams store. Samples were given out. Let me tell you that is the best tasting smoked sausage I’ve found here. Please provide to more grocery stores in this area. The closer to my location (Niota TN) the more my family and I will purchase. We have 2 sons and their families that have moved here also with the same sausage problem. We don’t like what’s here when it comes to smoked sausage. Thank you.

  3. I Really love your Georgia Sausage/ Sunset Farm Brand
    I Live in Houston . My son n Law had some and let me tasty one
    Omg. Please help me get some here please.

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