Fresh on the heels of our review of their 1882 Smoked Sausage, we jumped right back in and tried out their Garlic Pork Sausage variety.
I’m a firm believer that garlic goes well with anything with the possible exception of chocolate so I’m always on the lookout for any combination of beef or pork and garlic, especially when it’s all wrapped up in a nice thick casing. This was one of the easier reviews for us: The grind was fine to medium – 5 stars The spices – 4.5 stars (could have used a touch more garlic) The casing – 5 stars The flavor – 5 stars In the pork garlic sausage world it doesn’t get any better then this. Making sausage isn’t terribly difficult but making a great sausage takes time, knowledge, and a deft hand when it comes to spicing it properly. Southside Market hit a home run with this one. Get some.

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