Today we’re taking a bite of Southside Markets Elgin 1882 Hot Recipe Sausage. Here’s a quick blurb from their website about this product:

If you’ve been familiar with Southside Market for many years, you may think the sausage isn’t as hot as it once was. And you’re right! Many moons ago Ernest reduced the pepper so everyone could enjoy it. But after all these years, people keep asking for the old “hot” sausage. Thanks for your persistence. Here’s the old original recipe, with all the pepper you remember.

1882 Hot Recipe Sausage

Southside Market has a long and interesting history dating back to 1882 and has been owned continuously by the same family since 1968. They generously shipped one package of each sausage variety for our review so be sure to check back for more from Southside.

So on to the review of their 1882 Hot Recipe Sausage. Apparently the company removed some of the cayenne from their hot sausage recipe back around 1970. But with folks clamoring for it’s return, they brought it back. I heated 2 links of this sausage in a pan with a small amount of olive oil and then took the other 2 and placed them on the grill for about 20 minutes. Both cooking methods turned out about the same with the grilled sausages being a little leaner when finished.

This is a classic Texas beef sausage (some would say it’s THE classic Texas sausage meaning possibly the one that started it all) with a course grind and a thick casing. The meat was lean and there was just the right amount of fat with primarily juice instead of fat running on my plate when the sausages were sliced. This sausage had a nice beefy flavor and the seasoning was nice.

I had two small issues with this product. The first link I ate had two bits of bone about 1/4″ in length which I found to be quite large. I finished off an additional link with no more bone issues so I’m thinking it was just a fluke. If you eat enough sausage you’re going to get some links with bone and gristle from time to time so this isn’t a big issue.  In addition,  while the overall flavor was good, I didn’t find the sausage to be hot. I would have loved some more cayenne and more black pepper..probably almost twice as much as the sausage contained. I’m a big fan of the black pepper heat that you tend to get with Texas sausages.

So overall this sausage had a nice grind, nice seasoning, the perfect casing for a Texas sausage, and it was fabulously lean. With a little more heat I think this would be a 4 on a  scale of 5 but as is, considering “Hot” is in the name, I’ll give this one a 3-3.5.

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