Hey folks. 2020 has been a crazy year so far, huh? I never thought I’d see a global pandemic in my lifetime but here we are. Hopefully you and your loved ones are doing well during these difficult times. With any luck, you’ve had time to cook more sausage, right? 

I’ve been fortunate. My family is safe and my day job allows me to work from home. Without the long bicycle commute, I’m now finding time to do other things – including update SausageReviews.com. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I gave the site a major facelift and made it more visually appealing (though please do let me know in the comments if you disagree). All of our previous reviews should be easier to find and should load quickly on your phone, tablet, or laptop. In addition to a visual update, I’m also in the process of adding some additional features:

  • Suggest a Sausage: Do you have any sausages that you would like us to review? Perhaps you’re just a big fan or a particular sausage or you own your own (or work for a) meat manufacturer. Either way, we want to hear from you! Take advantage of our new “Suggest a Sausage” form and get in touch with us.

  • Meat Forums: We’re putting the final touches on a forum where you’ll be able to discuss everything sausage. Whether you want to share a unique cooking method, your favorite sides, an awesome sausage experience, or just the latest thoughts on your mind, you’ll be able to do so in our forums. We even have off-topic forums if that’s your interest. 

  • Social Login: You probably have some sort of social account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.). We want to make it easy for you to sign up and log into this site with your social account. Stay tuned as we’ll get this up and running soon. 

Also worth mentioning: I’m a huge fan of pizza. In particular, pepperoni pizza. You can expect to find reviews on various pepperonis from across the world coming soon. I make my own pizzas so I’m always on the prowl for a new pepperoni to try. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

That’s all for today! Take care and consider having some sausage this weekend 🙂 

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