Our friend Stan at Simply Sausage sent over a few varieties of some of his products to try and just like our past reviews, these sausages were simply amazing. Let me just say that nobody I’ve come across produces a better variety of excellent sausages…period.

Before I get to the reviews, I want to give you a quick link to Stan’s website as well as a new venture (Meat Crafters) he has (with a couple of other folks) producing small batch fresh and dry sausages. Read the reviews and visit the sites linked above. You just can not go wrong with any of the products.

half smokes

If you have spent any time in DC you’re probably familiar with the half smoke. A local hot doggish type of sausage, generally half beef and half pork, usually with a slight smoke to it and served on a bun with chili (typically). Often slightly larger then a hotdog and slightly spicier, it’s a fine local product that hasn’t really moved beyond the local market.

Like every sausage Stan makes, the ingredients list is very clean (see photo above) and the components are always high quality. Stan’s version was of course excellent but what blew me away was the addition of whole mustard seed. Mild in flavor but packing a huge wallop of texture and pop, the mustard seed really sets this sausage apart from all the half-smokes I’ve enjoyed over the years of visits to the DC area.

If you haven’t had a half smoke, get this and experience the history of this regional product with the added genius that is Stan. If you enjoy a half smoke, get this and this will likely become your new favorite.


This is one of those sausages where you look at the list of ingredients and say, “ok, nice”. And then you take a bite and you’re boggled about how such a short list of simple ingredients that can be found in every kitchen in the country can be transformed into the most amazing, clean tasting piece of pork you’ve had in some time. This is a very versatile sausage that can be served at any meal, cooked in your preferred method, and enjoyed by anybody who enjoys good pork and/or good sausage.


And last but not least is the Valdeon Butifarra.

Four ingredients. Pork, Valdeon blue cheese, salt, and pepper. This is a traditional and hearty sausage with a course grind.

I’ve had this style of sausage in the past from other companies but what set this particular product apart for me was how the blue cheese was incorporated into the sausage. Blue cheese can easily overwhelm something as mild as pork, even for a blue cheese lover like myself. If you start with a lower quality blue cheese or you hit a pocket of blue cheese in a bite, all hope is lost and you often end up with a sensory meltdown that blows out all other flavors.

This sausage provided an excellent blue cheese flavor in every bite while delivering an equal punch of deftly seasoned fresh tasting pork.

If you’re a blue cheese lover like me, you should go ahead and get some of this right now.

So three more winners from Simply Sausage (and Meat Crafters!) proving once again that Stan is the man. If you haven’t placed your order yet, get in now and get some of these great products right away. You just can’t go wrong with anything they produce.

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  1. Can you give me a list of the 5 best sausages you have reviewed/tasted which I can bring to the Philippines for my Sausage & Eggs Restaurant? Thank you

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