I love all things Cajun/Creole and as luck would have it, there are some fine styles of sausage that come out of Louisiana.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to find decent LA products in my market but from time to time I trip across one so I counted myself lucky one day as I was walking through Ingle’s market to find some Savoie’s Andouille Hickory Smoked Sausage.

A traditional French sausage brought to Louisiana by the same, Andouille is a densely packed, smoked, spicy sausage enjoyed in as many ways as you can imagine, and used in many cajun dishes notably jambalaya.  I’ve had a fair amount of freshly smoked andouille over the years so I was looking forward to how this package held up to my memory of some pretty good sausages from the past.

Verdict? It was ok. Not hot enough, not smoked enough, overall flavor didn’t meet the garlic level I was accustomed to for this type of sausage. Overall I would say that if this is what you can get your hands on in your market, it will be good enough for preparing your favorite cajun dish or eating straight up on a bun.

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3 Responses

  1. Savoie’s sausage is for poeple who don’t know what real smoked sausage is. If you want real smoked cajun sausage visit Bourques superstore in Port Barre,La savoie’s is ok for factory sausage but no comparison to Bourques and if youre not from around the area they will ship to you.

  2. I live Four miles From the Plant I can smell the Roux they also Cook Daily I might add and Ship all over the country. Andouille is an Acquired Taste we use it down here In gumbo’s and stews not for bun’s. We make it at our store Bourques superstore.

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