I love a good, well made high quality smoked sausage. If you mix in a nice cheese and maybe some jalapeno, I’m in heaven. On the other hand, it’s hard to beat a fresh sausage made with high quality pork and subtle spices. The experiences are very different and I’m not sure I could choose between one or the other if it came down to naming my favorite.

But if I were forced to select one purveyor to buy from for the rest of my days on this planet, I would narrow the choices by the number of available styles, flavors, quality, and taste. I would make sure the company provided a wide range of great, not good – great, sausage products. We have had the opportunity to sample some of the best sausage products in the country and we have awarded 5 stars to companies like Maestro for their exceptional Italian sausage products and the same for Esposito’s, a NY favorite with a great lineup of products.

But if I’m only able to buy from one company forever, I require a little more variety.

If you read our reviews, you know that we think Stan at Meat Crafters (formerly Simply Sausage) is a genius. He consistently creates unique fresh sausage products that are as good as sausage gets. His subtle adjustments to something as simple as a half-smoke really blew me away. He would be one of my 3 finalists.

So the title of this post is Mulay’s Sausage and I’ve been rambling on for several minutes now about if I were forced to choose one sausage maker to buy from for the rest of my life. As you’ve probably guessed, Mulay’s would fill a top 3 finalist spot.

Mulay’s sent us a very nice selection of their products but I’m only going to review one because it exemplifies their products as a whole. So here we go.

Mulay’s Killer Hot Italian Sausage

One look at the ingredients list and I had a high hopes for this product. Plus, it’s really hard to find a Hot Italian sausage that I find to be hot so I look forward to sampling extra hot italian sausage from the few companies that actually make one.

Ingredients: Pork, water, salt, red pepper, black pepper, spices, cayenne pepper, and capsicum. Boom. Clean lists like that for fresh sausage always get my hopes up.

This sausage hit all the right notes. The pork tasted like it had just been ground, the heat was 2 steps above the average hot italian sausage, and the sausage was juicy without being greasy. I think the main takeaway for all of their products was how fresh the pork tasted and the perfect hand applied to spicing each product.

As we prepared the sausage products, mutterings like “wow”, and “that’s really good” could be heard around the room. Each time I rolled out the next product, it started all over again. That’s about as good as it gets in my opinion.

In closing, if you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase this product locally, do so. If not, just order from their website. You will not be disappointed. Hands down, 5 stars across the board for all 10 products we received.



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