Maestro Sausage Company Hot Italian Sausage by Pontrelli and Laricchia

I want four things from my Italian Hot sausage.

1) Fresh pork flavor
2) Nice heat
3) Nice fennel
4) No gristle or other non-meat products.

While that seems simple enough, I’ve had far too many Italian Hot Sausages that failed to deliver on what would seem to be the fundamentals of a decent Italian sausage.

Just this week I received a shipment of various sausages from Nick Pontrelli at Maestro Sausage Company in Vernon California. His family has been in the business of making Italian sausage for about 90 years and let me say right upfront, they knock down the fundamentals and then some.  I have several varieties of their sausages to review over the next month but I wanted to get started with their Hot Italian sausage so I broke out a few links for breakfast this morning.

Pontrelli and Laricchia Maestro Brand Hot Italian Sausage

This is a very nice mid-course grind with noticeable whole fennel seeds and flecks of red pepper flakes. Excellent fresh italian sausage taste and texture to this with perfect levels of fennel and red pepper so each bite is similar in flavor with just a touch of varience created by the amount of fennel seeds or red pepper flakes. I’m often disappointed in the heat level of hot italian sausage but the heat in this was just right to me. It was a fabulous natural heat that you get in different areas of your mouth instead of that un-natural, almost chemical like heat you get when to much cayenne is used in a sausage. Nice but very subtle mouth burn (I’d say a 5 on a scale of 10 which for an italian sausage is about right imo) even 10 minutes after finishing this one.

hot italian sausage

Slicing it open reveals exactly what you want to see in a well made fresh Hot Italian sausage. Plenty of fennel seed (I’ll take whole over ground any day) and red pepper flakes surrounded by course ground meat. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Hands down just a great example of what a Hot Italian Sausage should be. I would buy this again and highly recommend you give it a try.

Ingredients: Pork, Seasoning (spices, salt, dextrose, msg, flavorings, paprika, extractives of paprika), water

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9 Responses

  1. Our local Italian deli, has changed it’s recipe or source- and we are now done with accepting second rate Italian sausages as we were raised with the good stuff. We have never worried about price, when the high quality of the sausage was the real issue.

    Reading the comments, we are ready to try your products. Do you have a retail outlet in Orange County, although we would gladly drive further if necessary?
    Thanks and good luck.
    George V.
    Fullerton, CA.

  2. I have been eating this sausage for a long time! I have tried many many, many different Italian Sausage, but being born into an Italian family in Chicago, I got spollied. Then I tried Maestro from Eagle Rock Bakery, and finally got my big smile back. As my taste bugs got the good thrill once again of great Italian Sausgae. Worth the 110 mile one way trip! 😁😂😀😯 Both not and mild are great! Sam

  3. My dad used to send me down to Pontrelli’s on Saturdays, to pick up a shoebox full of sausage. Best sausage ever! We had the Richfield gas station on 1st & Beaudry.

  4. This sausage sounds awesome! I grew up eating very spicy foods and this looks hot enough for me! I’m going to see if they sell this locally.

  5. I love Italian sausage. I use it a lot in all my pasta red sauce dishes. Living in Phoenix, AZ is not necessarily conducive to finding a lot of good sausage products but, for years I’ve been going to a little independent business that’s been here in town since the 1950’s, in the same location. If you are ever in Phoenix, go try Schreiner’s Fine Sausage down on seventh street just south of Indian School rd. I used to live nearby and go get sausage sandwiches there all the time. Really good product, multiple cultures and they even offer smoking services and will take hunter’s game and make sausage like deer or elk. Anyway, the best I’ve found here in town.

  6. This is awesome.. hope i could try this one, tried a lot of italian sausage already, but i think this would taste really great! nomnom

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