In the ever expanding world of sausage, we have THE premier seller of beef jerky entering the fray with a spicy pork and beef sausage called appropriately Jack Link’s Jalapeno Sausage.


I had pretty high hopes for the sausage in our last review (Harley Davidson Green Chili and Cheese) but unfortunately I was disappointed and didn’t feel like it lived up to it’s name. Conversely, when I stumbled upon this product I purchased it without much hope that it would be anything more then a cheap money grab.

So how did Jack Link’s do on this one? Surprisingly well with a few small issues. First the good. The sausage was meaty and juicy without being greasy and I thought the “Fiery Jalapeno” description was spot on. Surprisingly the sausage lived up to it’s name on the label (although I always get a chuckle when I read Gluten Free).

However, on two occasions I had a small piece of bone or gristle..not a deal killer but I like a little more attention to detail. The “casing” felt like thin paper and the ingredients list wasn’t particularly clean but that’s typical of many mass produced sausages.

Overall, I would give this one 3 stars for being a simple product that met my expectations for a pork/beef sausage with jalapeƱo.

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