Sunset Farm Brand is out of Valdosta Ga and has been making fine meat products, smoked and otherwise, for many years. They were kind enough to send me a very nice sampler pack of their sausage products. Today were going to start out with their Hot Smoked Sausage product. As you can see by the label, this is a pretty clean product with a little color added. Southern hot (spicy) smoke sausage is the very sausage I was weened on and it was, in one form or another, present at every grilling or smoking session that took place in my youth. The quality of hot smoked sausage varies greatly and Sunset farms has some fine consistent products. On the plus side, as mentioned earlier, the ingredient list is fairly clean. And if you prefer a looser fill in your sausage, this fits the bill. It’s hard to find a loose fill pork hot sausage and most of them are packed like a bologna. One last thing. No byproducts, gristle, or bone so the fine folks at Sunset are paying attention to the quality details which always adds to my enjoyment of a good sausage. I would call this a 7.5-8 out of ten and recommend you give it a try on your next cookout.

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  1. I am a sausage guy, let me say it again I am a sausage guy but when I ran across the Sunset Farm Brand PREMIUM SMOKED SAUSAGE “HOT”I had to try them, because I had never seen them before. Hillshire, Bars, Silva, has nothing on this sausage,the texture,the taste, the casing were outstanding. I took a picture of the packaging and will take it to my local grocer to see if they can order this. I live in Murrieta California, you need to get with Vons, Stater Brothers and Winco’s and have this sausage put in their stores. A Retired Marine from the Food Services field, 20 years, I don’t give too many things my blessing unless it really is good and this sausage is good. I won’t mind driving 45 minutes out of my way to Camp Pendleton Commissary to buy this sausage. Really Good, texture, flavor, casing are on point. What else do you offer?

  2. These sausages are the best of any brand of sausages you will never go wrong choosing these sausages. I’ve never taste a polish sausage that was soooo good. The spicy and mild is delicious. Whatever you guys are doing keep doing it. Blessing to you and your business.

  3. I sent off for Sunset Farm Foods Sampler and it was a total delight. The heat from their Hot Smoked Sausage that you reviewed was very GOOD, it was spicy. I cooked it to perfection on the grill and wasn’t worried about the grease that just added to the taste from the smoke it created. Their Polish Sausage was wonderful with a hint of garlic…… I love that for breakfast. I split it and put in a frying pan. Good Eats! Another favorite was their Smoked Beef Sausage….the best I have ever tasted. Wow! Four generations….they must be doing something right in Valdosta Georgia. I like their new handle….. . Thanks for your reviews of these companies; we really appreciate it out here.
    Robert J. Wells, U.S. Army Retired
    Edgewater Florida

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