Welcome to SausageReviews.com – Much like beer, the national sausage market in the US had become boring as large conglomerates pushed out mostly bland and boring products with little taste and imagination. But also like beer, the sausage has become the darling of craft(y) chefs and small producers who are developing fabulous artisan products locally, regionally, and even some for the mass market. After all, what goes better with your favorite craft beer than a great well made craft sausage?

At SausageReviews.com, we are on the forefront of the sausage renaissance as we seek out and review products from small and large purveyors around the country. Gone are the days where sausage was seen as an unhealthy, almost life threatening product, as industrious chefs turn out leaner and tastier products made from wild game, chicken, and yes, even skinnier pork. Our website came about from the simple desire to read about different sausage products from around the country, but the dearth of information available was astounding. In our travels we saw an amazing array of great fresh, smoked, and dried products, but nobody was writing about them and telling others where they could purchase these sausages.

Our goal is to educate both consumers and sausage lovers around the country while supporting the hard work and imagination of the many local businesses turning out tasty sausages by bringing together sausage buyers and sellers.

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