Harley Davidson Green Chili and Cheese Smoked Sausage

While recently trolling the encased meats section of a large retailer, I ran across a couple of new sausages. One from Jack Links (yeah, the beef jerky people) and this one from Eddy Packing out of Texas. Harley Davidson Green Chili and Cheese Smoked Sausage. I figured with Harley attaching their name, this must be a pretty stand up product.

Harley Davidson Green Chili and Cheese Smoked Sausage

I was wrong. If this product was marketed as a smoked sausage (just a smoked sausage) it would receive a 3 for being a decently meaty, not fatty, and well smoked sausage. I didn’t experience any fillers, bone, or gristle and the casing was a nice slightly thick model with a good little snap.

The problem is with the green chilis and cheese. I’m a big fan of green chili and when I can’t get them freshly roasted I buy them by the can just to have some around for various dishes (especially morning eggs). I couldn’t detect even a hint of green chili here. Nothing. As we have discussed on several sausages in the past, the cheese was there in name only. The label said cheese. I could see pockets of cheese. But no cheese flavor and very little hint in the mouth feel that there was any cheese present in this sausage.

What remains after those two main ingredient disappointments is a pretty decent smoked sausage. But not a green chili and cheese smoked sausage. This one gets a 2 star for coming up short on flavor. I would not buy these again.

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6 Responses

  1. I don’t own a Harley yet but hopefully there will be a TriGlide in my future. Anyway like others have posted when I saw Harley Davidson Road House Sausage I thought they wouldn’t let their name be put on an inferior product. I found the flavor was good but they skimped on the cheddar cheese and peppers (habanero & jalapeƱo), and the casing was too thick and tough as leather. I tore the bun apart trying to chew through the casing! I won’t be purchasing them again and I will tell my friends that like to grill, not to waste their money, especially when there are better brands out there. Sorry HD you may build an awesome bike but your sausage needs to be improved if you want to keep selling it.

  2. I love them. The best part is that they are the only food I have ever found that leaves me totally satisfied… not hungry at all. For someone who struggles with a voracious appetite, that’s almost a miracle.

    1. I think this is the best sausage out there. Harley-Davidson could not have found a better partner for making a high quality product. I keep several packages around ’cause they are so easy to prepare.

  3. I agree! I was really excited because, like everyone else, I “ASS/U/MEd” that anything with HD on it would have to be good. Not at all. SUPER-tough casing, bone fragments, and no flavor. Won’t be making this mistake again.

  4. Yup. Being a proud Harley owner, I figured the sausage with the HD labeled on it would be Great. Wrong! Lots of grisel and bone fragments and the casing was really tough and I have great teeth. Uugh.
    No Star here.

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