I saw this product as I was walking through my local Kroger grocery store so being a fan of Guinness and a fan of brats, this product made perfect sense to me. I quickly picked one up and headed home to give them a try.

A pork sausage with a strong beer flavoring, I thought these were ok. Their main competition is probably the Hillshire Farm Miller Beer brat that we reviewed some time ago.

The Guinness brat had a stronger beer flavor and in fact was a little strong for my taste. I think the Hillshire product was better seasoned and had a milder beer taste.

If you like Guinness and you like brats I would say give these a shot (maybe even as a hair of the dog). I probably won’t buy them again but would rate them a 2.5 on a scale of 5.

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16 Responses

  1. I just tried these and there were great! I am not a big Guinness fan but friends of mine are so I decided to try them on the guys.
    To a person they all thought they were tailgate worthy which is saying a lot. They get 5 great reviews here.

  2. Thanks for that Bill.

    I tried to get some Firecracker in my market but it didn’t work out for me. Their Hot Brats was the best I could do and they were good.

  3. I was told that dark beer in cooking beer brats is the best way. I don’t buy these particular brats however I prepare my regular brats (Johnsonville is the best) and soak them in a brine of Guinness beer (the darker beer is the best), vidalia onions, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, butter, Worcestershire sauce, no salt, no pepper over low medium heat. The brats will start floating to the top and appear a light tan in color. They will be ready for grilling. Johnsonville makes all sorts of brat flavors – the Firecracker is popular for July 4th holiday – use whatever flavor that floats your taste boat.

  4. I don’t dispense medical advice but my guess would be probably not Brenda but anything is possible. I recently contracted a nasty little stomach bug that lasted almost two weeks after eating some precooked but under heated sausage. In the end, a half bottle of Pepto Bismol took care of my issue. Good luck to you.

  5. I am very concerned….I know these are pre-cooked brats, but if I eat one that is not hot in the middle, and is a bright pink color throughout, could I possibly get sick????

  6. I thought these sausages were very good, I liked the strong Guinness flavor, went well roast potatoes with garlic and broccoli. If you don’t like Guinness you shouldn’t be trying these.

  7. I’m torn with the love/ hate thing too! I LOVE all kinds of sausages, brats especially! I loved that the beer flavor engulfed this brat because honestly some beer brats have cooked off all the beer flavor with the alcohol content, and I am a heavy salter too… I have to say my first bite was “wow that’s salty”, and the greasy factor kept it one slow bite at a time to preserve the heartburn factor, however …. I kept coming back, great with honey mustard!!

  8. I grilled these up last night until they were crispy and they blew me away from the first bite! Wow! Just on a cheap bun with a little grey poupon. The best dog I have ever had.

  9. Thanks for the opinions guys. I’ve done a lot of reading on this particular sausage and I must say that I can’t recall a sausage where the opinions were so divided. Most folks either love it or hate it.

  10. I picked up a pack of these at costco and I liked them a lot. I just cooked them on the bbq with some onion and jalapeno and I liked them a lot that way.

  11. Just tried these and thought they were utterly disgusting. The smell (stale beer and onion powder) was revolting. It got on my hands and had to wash them twice to get rid of it. The remaining sausages are now triple wrapped in plastic awaiting disposal in the trash outside. Blech.

  12. I’ve seen and tried this product at food shows and I have to agree with you, especially in regards to how strong the beer flavor is in the sausage. For me, I would much rather have a well-made, traditional bratwurst with a rich beer-based demi-glace poured on top; much like this one: http://on.fb.me/QA0trw 🙂

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