This is a thin rope type sausage from Esposito’s in NY. If you’ve read our other Esposito reviews, you know that these guys can flat make sausage and this one is as good as the others.

While cooking, this sausage was very aromatic, filling the kitchen with a pleasant cheesy porky scent and splitting open the sausage after cooking provides a nice view of a juicy but near colorless interior mixture.

This is a very mildly seasoned sausage with a very pronounced provolone cheese flavor. It’s been my experience that the cheese in some sausages gives the finished product a slight chemical smell and taste or as is often the case in store bought mass produced sausages, the cheese just doesn’t show up at all in either taste or texture. That wasn’t the case with this sausage from Esposito’s. The provolone provided a nice smoky, creamy texture and clearly was a nice quality product before it went into this sausage.

A very good sausage for just about any cooking method, this is not a sausage that you bury in a dish with other strong flavors and is probably best enjoyed all by itself.

I would purchase this sausage again.

Ingredients: Pork, provolone cheese, water, salt, dextrose, pepper, romano cheese, msg, parsley, fennel, bha, bht with citric acid.

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  1. Esposito’s Italian Sausage is one of my favorite sausages. I love the provolone cheese style, very creamy and delicious.

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