Surry County Va is a place where life is just a little bit more relaxed and many things still get done the same way our Grandparents did them many years ago. It’s this setting that we turn to for our next review of Hickory Smoked Sausage from Edwards of Surry. Long known for their excellent ham products, Edwards also offers other pork products including various types of bacon, barbecue, and a couple of seafood products like crab cakes (if you haven’t had Blue Crabs, you haven’t had the best). We requested and received a sample package of some of their link sausage products and today we will be reviewing a couple of them.



The first thing I noticed when unpacking these two products was the ingredients label. Unlike some recent reviews, the Edwards Hickory Smoked Sausages have a really clean list of ingredients and generally that means a good quality product. As we have pointed out many times, when you start with a good product and keep it simple, you generally have a good product when you are done.

With a slightly course grind and no fillers of any kind, both sausages were a perfect example of Southeastern US smoked country pork sausage done right. Good quality meat, a good casing, a few spices, and a very nice hickory smoke makes this a top sausage for this style.

The Edwards Family has been plying their trade for almost 100 years now and that tradition and heritage comes through in their Smoked Sausage. On a bun, with your favorite greens, or just straight up off the grill with your eggs, you won’t go wrong with your purchase. I would rate these a must try and highly recommend you pick some up off of their website. After you try them, drop me a note and let me know what you think.

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