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Over the years I think I’ve tasted 50 different brats. Many of them had very similar flavor profiles but now and then you run into one that really stands out..not always as a brat but as a sausage. The DC Bratwurst from Simply Sausage does a fine job of being a brat with a somewhat unique flavor profile.

I cooked these in an open pan to a temperature of 162 degrees. On first bite I was hit with a strong but not over powering taste of pork and pepper. By the time I finished the first sausage I was a fan and I found that the pepper itself was very addicting. As I sat making notes, I steadily sampled away at the 3 remaining sausages and, unfortunate as it may be for my balanced eating plan, I finished off this delightfully spiced 4 pack in about 30 minutes sans bread, condiments, or any sides. Feeling a bit guilty I decided to skip my evening snack.

My conclusion. If you’re a fan of brats and the beautiful subtlety of pepper, I’m sure you will find this sausage to be amazing. I would buy this sausage again with no hesitation and highly recommend brat lovers give this a try.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, water, caraway, lemon zest, pepper, nutmeg.

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  1. I am a huge fan of brats so I am definitely looking forward to tracking down those sausages and trying them. Just thinking abou them makes my mouth water.

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