ConAgra has purchased Tennessee Pride Sausage Company. If you’ve never had Tennessee Pride let me just say that their Hot Sausage is the onlycountry bulk sausage that I have used over the years for making sausage cheese balls. Why? Because it’s actually the ho

ttest bulk country sausage I have been able to find in any grocery store so it gives the sausage balls a nice kick. I sure hope ConAgra isn’t planning on messing with the details of the sausage.

ConAgra acquires Tennessee Pride sausage | The Tennessean |

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49 Responses

  1. ConAgra destroys every brand they touch. I bought the Tennessee Pride’s Sausage and buttermilk biscuits. Both Jimmy Dean and Tennessee Pride uses low grade meat resulting in RUBBERY sausage now.

  2. I don\’t like a hot peppery breakfast sausage and found Jimmy Deans Mild bulk to my taste and very lean and meaty. It became hard to find in the Covid-19 pandemic. I ran across Tennessee Pride Mild bulk and on sale at a local Meijers store. Thinking I hit a home run, I cooked four patties and noticed a lot of water in the pan. Futher cooking the water boiled away, but then the pan was full of grease. The patties were loose and crumbly and was like eating a block of salt. Trying one more time, I cut my losses and tossed 1 1/3 lbs. in the garbage. Come on Jimmy Dean make some more Mild. I\’ll wait!!!

  3. I lived in Tn. for 45 years and we ALWAYS bought Tn. Pride Sausage and BISCUITS and I really was happy to find them in my local Walmart store in Michigan BUT OMG, these are just AWFUL!! The sausage is NOT the same and why the hell are they calling these HAMBURGER BUNS BISCUITS?? I bought 2 boxes before this in Mi. and they were GREAT as usual but this time they COMPLETELY SUCK!!! I HAD turned on my Northern family members to these and thery loved them but now they are calling this SHIT Sausage and Biscuits……..I am going to tell them NOT TO EVER BUY THIS SHIT !!! WHAT HAPPENED?? I did NOT pay almost $6.00 for these BARF ON A HAMBURGER BUN things and I think Conagra owes me and any other poor people who were misled into trying these things a REFUND!!!!!! I WILL PURSUE THIS however as of yet I still have NOT found a phone number email address or ANYTHING so I can contact them and TELL THEM OFF!!! PLEASE, if anyone knows how to contact these dumbasses LET ME KNOW….OK?? Debi Christopher-Preston debichristopherpreston@gmail,com

  4. I purchased Tennessee Pride for the first time. I thought these sausages were good because they were well known and were on sale. I fried a few up for my family, noticing the greasiness. I figured, pork’s always greasy so I proceeded to fry them as I usually do. I didn’t notice any smell except they smelled good in the pan. They even looked good in the pan. I drained them on paper towels when they were done. Trying them, I felt the grittiness and that they fell apart. I wound up spitting them out and wondering why this sausage was so gritty. Had I known about all the negative reviews, I wouldn’t have wasted $3.00 on them. Lesson Learned. Don’t buy Tennessee Pride.

    Buy Wamplers. Buy Jimmy Dean. Buy Swaggerty’s, or a local brand. Don’t go for Tennessee Pride.

  5. my name is Rick McDonald I’m an over the road TRUCK driver b4 I left home my wife bought me a of Tennessee pride microwavable sausage and biscuits! I woke up the next morning and heated me up a 2 pack and when they where DONE cooking i took them out of the microwave and bit into it ! It was tough and rubbery and the biscuit was dry and NASTY ! I wouldn’t feed this to my dog or let alone a homeless person!

  6. Twice I have tried Tennessee Pride hot sausage and the smell was like S**T when opening the package. Buy Kroger hot sausage its the best.

  7. As I was just now cooking tennessee pride mild sausage I was worried about the smell the feel and the way it’s cooking up. So I googled it and began reading what was being said here. This is the third and last time I’m throwing a package of Tennessee pride away because I’m afraid to eat it. And it’s the second package I noticed was bloated and the date is still good for a few more weeks. It stinks it’s disgusting and it’s plain old ruined. What is it? It’s not pork I’m pretty sure.

  8. TP sausage is not good. I have bought TP for 50+ years. All of it i buy now smells terrible when it gets hot! I know what it is BOAR HOG GROUND UP IN THE SAUSAGE MIX!!! I will not buy any more!!

  9. Con-Agra really ruined TP quality in general but their new sausage and biscuit formulation is like a sausage patty on a hamburger bun. Why say buscuit on the package? They said it was updated to a yeast roll bun-NASTY… I inquired and ConAgra is a giant corporate conglomerate only conserned with making as much profit as possible!

  10. The quality train has DE-RAILED for Tennessee Pride Sausage since ConAgra bought them out. It is among the worst now!

  11. used to be the best sausage but something has changed its like it broke up in pieces while i was chewing it couldnt swollow it had to spit it out

  12. OMG! My family has always bought TP……. until now. I just bought a roll of Mild sausage to make sausage balls with but as I was opening the package I noticed a NASTY SULPHUR SMELL! So gross. I immediately checked the “best by” date and it was a whole month away. What the heck is up with the smell!? I’m afraid to feed this to my kids!!!!

  13. I purchase a box of Tennessee Pride sausage about a month ago and was so salty I threw it away, I thought it was just a bad box, I bought another box it was the same very salty and did not taste like it use to, please change the recipe back.

  14. TP is not the same. I purchased two boxes 30ct. They taste and smell spoiled. This is sad, something should be done. I am putting these in the garbage and will not buy anymore. I will tell everyone that they are unfit for human consumption.

      1. Be glad you can’t find it. The company was purchased by ConAgra and the recipe has changed. It smells horrible when you break into the package and when it’s cooked white thick bubbles come to the top. Have eaten TPS since a young child, it was the best sausage ever. So sad this quality product has been sold into nothing but profit and a rotten smelling product. Please be wary if purchased.🤢

  15. I Purchase a box of Tennessee Pride breakfast sausage patties and it was like have thin mints because it definitely wasn’t sausage more like what they say they serve in jail if this continue I will no longer be a consumer of this product.

  16. I’ve ALWAYS bought TP sausage. I mostly get the mild and was surprised to see a packaging change? The Hot was in usual package. I checked to make sure the new blue package said Mild and with no other labeling.
    WHAT has happened to this sausage? Not only has the packaging changed but the taste also! All I could taste was SAGE! A balanced amount of sage is good…but I do not want SAGE SAUSAGE…sage gravy is GROSS!

  17. I Have eaten a lot of sauage in my life time of 83 years and Tennessee Pride is not the product it used to be I will no longer buy it.It cooks away to nothing and the fat content is a lot higher. It is like the Suezey Q’s not worth the cost. I hope you don’t do this to the rest of your products

  18. I have eaten TO for ever, when I could afford it.I cooked so.e today.It had a very bad crumbly texture and no taste to speak of,I will never buy it again.Thats what happens when you change ingredients for cheaper stuff.You might sale it cheaper to a lot less customers.Bad stuff.

  19. Amazing enough, I thought it was me until I read these reviews… Couple of weeks ago, I realized that the sausage seem to taste a little different, I bought them again this week and today I was astounded, recognizing that it wasn’t just a thought the sausage were horrible.. I guess they decided not to put any meat in the sausage and that new flavor is gross, they can count me out. I will never buy this product again. This is just another example of the conglomerates buying a brand name to sell inferior products. Not fit for human consumption. They should loose all customers in 48 to 72 hrs. How to we best assure that happens. Let me know?

  20. I have used TP sausage for years. Always been great sausage. However I recently purchased a 2 pound roll. As I began to fry the sausage, I immediately noticed a different smell and look. It had kinda like clots forming around the patties as they fried. The taste had a whang to it. If this is the new taste count me out. My Grandson told me I made sausage that tast like meatloaf. After reading the other reviews I think someone at TP needs to realize, “Houston, we have a problem”.

  21. I am so happy to see these comments about TP sausage. I thought it was my imagination about how horrible TP sausage has become in the last 2-3 years. Foul-spoiled smelling, white looking sausage has caused me to again throw this latest package out. Thats it, I give up on TP sausage. I have even seen bloated packages in the store. YUK!

  22. We have eaten the patties in the box and the hot chub package for 40 years. This is not the same sausage. You can easily tell the patties have a lot of filler in them. I bought the chub hoping it hadn’t changed but it was so disgusting I was afraid to eat it. It smelled like was bad. It’s very low quality.

  23. Musty smell. I eat very slowly,and taste my food. I think conagra bought out sb also.what ever they are doing they are ruining the brand and loosing customers . I for one will be testing other brands.They are not what they use to be

  24. I looked up this website to comment on tp country sausage.I started buying tp after I could no longer find Southern Bell, they were a good replacement at the time. My family and myself loved all three flavors,but lately they have been more salt then seasoning and a musty

  25. Bought 4 packages in the past week. 2 each from 2- different stores. All 4-1 pound sausage rolls were spoiled! Smelled horrible! Two had a best buy date left of 19 days and still spoiled. One i froze right away and when thawed-It was spoiled too. I usually buy Bob Evans or Jimmy Dean and never had a problem. This is the first time i tried Tennessee brand and a very bad 1st impression-Go figure.

  26. Well this recent slip in quality with Tennessee pride is why I don’t buy yankee food brands. The quality or there sausage definately seems to have gotten alot worse. I alway check to make sure I don’t buy garbage made in new Jersey. Like jimmy dean or birds eye. Barf added water in sausage preserves and microwave vegis double barf. Biotechnology orange juice tripple spinage tasting barf. I don’t fund yankee companies and my nearly 30 year history with Tennessee Pride Sausage will be comming to an end.

  27. Last two boxes of TP bought at Sam’s was definitely not the same TP I had been eating for over 55 years. This stuff is now GARBAGE. The texture is different and it looks and cooks differently. I don’t know what they have done to it, but I will end a tradition I have been enjoying for decades.

  28. Wow…what a disappointment!! Been buying TP for 30 years and loving it…until now. When slicing, it just smelled wrong, should have been my first clue. Frying it popped badly ( clue #2). Taste…I spit it out is was so bad (clue #3). Then I found out what I bought was NOT the Tennessee Pride that I had used for so many years. Mr Odem would be disappointed too!!

  29. We have eaten TP sausage almost once a week for the past 10 years.I cooked some last night that was fit to feed the dog.I think it was spoiled.It had a strange oder and tasted bitter.I had to through it away.WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

  30. I have been buying TP for many years. But have now noticed a big change in the taste and most certainly the smell when cooking. That smell is like a hog parlor. I have now stop buying TP . I am sorry it has gotten so bad

  31. I have always used Tennessee Pride Hot sausage and thought it was the best for quite some time. I stopped using it during the summer of 2013 and started using my own pork and deer sausage mix until I ran out in December 2014. Naturally, I asked my wife to pick up what I called THE PRIDE of TENNESSEE when she went to get groceries. She picked me up 5 lbs of Tennessee Pride. To our amazement we Immediately noticed that IT HAD CHANGED FOR THE WORSE!!!!
    I just found out that ConAgra had purchased Tennessee Pride and I can tell you that they have without a shadow of a doubt absolutely RUINED a once great thing !!!! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE THIS ROLL OF NASTY RED COLORED(after it’s cooked) CRAP AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I bought the mild version. It came out of the package WHITE!!! Tennessee’s Pride sausage is ground fat, hardly any lean at all, and is NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. My cat’s would not touch it. My dog gobbled it up. Conagra should change it’s marketing strategy and focus on the dog food market.


  34. We bought TP sausage for years however the last couple months we bought it-it has changed dramatically. Lots of water when you cook it. More gristle-never had that before. And the flavor is not the same. I won’t be buying it anymore. Not even for my stuffing. Very disappointed.

  35. I purchased a box of Tennessee Pride Sausage Biscuits with some reservation. I tried them this morning. I regret ignoring my reservation. It may be by definition sausage, but it is in no way what I have been eating the past 65 years in the south. I wish I had more closely examined the label. Had I noticed it was now a ConAgra brand product, I wouldn’t have wasted my money. This is just another example of a giant conglomerate buying a brand, and using it’s name and reputation to market an inferior substitute.

    1. I 100% AGREE! They took a very good product and ruined the reputation it had for quality. Big conglomerate obliterates another great american brand after buying it out. The quality is inferior now just to turn more profit.

      Just a few years back before the massive Conagra bought Odom’s Tennessee Pride out, Their own personal delivery rep. delivered straight to every grocery market FRESH and stocked their products as the top quality. It is all a thing of the past along with quality because now it is just distributed through the warehouse like all the rest of Cons product. After just a few years of ConAgra owning the brand and changing ingredients and formulation to save cost, it went from bad to terrible.
      The WalMart and ConAgra way. The Chinese already own Smithfield and other huge meat and protein companies in the US.

  36. I’m sorry, but I just tried TP because it was cheaper than my usual brand, and the rest of the package is going in the garbage, as much as I hate to waste food. TP sausage is only barely fit for human consumption, in my evaluation.

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