Here’s a great post about selecting pre-ground pork at your local store and then making some chorizo sausage. The beauty of making sausage at home is:

  • It’s incredibly easy. Ground pork. Spices. Done.
  • You know what is in your sausage
  • It amazes 95% of your friends

Forget about making links for now. Think of the hundreds of dishes you can make using bulk pork sausage and just have at it! We will be making a few short videos on making sausage at home but here’s a great starter for you:

I like to make my own sausage. That way I know what’s actually in it and the amount of fat content. I have also found over the years that I’m forever taking the sausage meat out of it casing to use in various dishes. So awhile back I began to make my own sausage meat when our favourite Sausage Man retired leaving us to find a new source. A source I could not find because most were either filled with high amounts of fat or contained ingredients I did not want to eat, like fillers and such.

Go here for the rest of the post and the homemade chorizo sausage recipe

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Larry!
    I’m just stopping in to let you know that my website will become ‘Private’ at the end of March. Meaning that no one besides myself and my admins will be able to see it.
    BUT!!! I would be pleased if you copy/pasted my recipe into your site (credit to my website of coarse) so that people can still access it while my site is down.
    You have brought me a lot of traffic that has been much appreciated!!

    Happy cooking to all …
    Kay Johnson

    1. Hi Kay – Thanks for dropping in! You caught me in the middle of testing a new background product on this page so apologies for the red and yellow “uglies” you saw.

      I read your blog and you have a great writing style. It’s one of my regular stops so be sure to do as much as you can with sausage so I have plenty to reference!


      p.s. I agree with you…I love “krab” and find it great for making a quick cold salad to eat with crackers or stuffed in a nice bun like a lobster roll. And the fact that it’s usually on sale on a bogo special doesn’t hurt 😉

  2. Thanks for the receipe , i love chorizo sausages.I never tried it before, now iam confident to try the receipe.

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