We recently received a shipment of various smoked sausage and boudin from Borque Specialties in Port Barre La (thanks guys!). I’ve started making my way through some of their fine sausage products but after sampling their boudin, I knew that it was going to be the first product we reviewed for the site.

A flavorful concoction of rice, meat, and spices, boudin can either be simply plain and boring or complex and robust in flavor. Well made pork boudin is spicy in both flavor and heat and has rice that isn’t pasty tasting from being over-cooked. But boudin is really more than just a list of ingredients. It’s a product that in many ways defines Southern Louisiana with recipes being handed down for generations and memories of standing in the parking lot with a family member or friend, squeezing out that fresh hot concoction on your way to wherever you were heading that morning. It’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and the right way to start a day that ended way too late (if it in fact ever ended) or end a night of carousing. It’s a discussion about who has the best in your town and your favorite way to eat it. It’s a cultural thing. It’s a cure for the common cold. And it’s world peace.


After squeezing out just 3 bites of Bourque’s rendition, I sat for a few minutes trying to recollect having had a better boudin in my lifetime. In the end I decided that while it was possible, I certainly could not remember one.

If you’ve never had Boudin, there’s no reason not to start with the best boudin so order some today…they’ll ship it to you. If you like boudin and haven’t tried Bourque’s, just get some.

This is a 5 star product and perhaps the best I’ve ever eaten.

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