The good people at Bobak’s recently sent over a few of their products including cooked bratwurst, a pack of maxwell polish, and a smoked polish ring. Bobak’s is a nearly 50 year old purveyor on the South side of Chicago and they produce a nice variety of products for sale both online and in their store.

bobak sausage company cooked bratwurst


All 3 sausage products I received were very good representations of their individual styles as well as being perfectly seasoned products. Of the three, I thought the bratwurst was a real standout. Great texture, great taste and a surprisingly nice casing made this a real winner. Almost all pre-cooked bratwurst that I have sampled over the years falls short in one of the those three categories but Bobak’s knocked it out of the park.

This is a product I would order online year round unless I was lucky enough to live within driving distance of their store. I recommend you give them a try!

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