Formerly known as Hartmann’s Old World Sausage, the Artisan Meats company has changed names, but they have not missed a beat when it comes to producing fine products.

In business now for 53 years, Artisan Meats offers a full line of Brats, Wursts, and their version of regional favorites like Smoked Chorizo and Andouille as well as Ham, Liverwurst and Cold Cuts.

I recently received a shipment of some of their sausage products and immediately got busy sampling.

Kase Krainer – Is it just me or is hard to go wrong with smoked sausage and cheese? Always one of my favorite combinations, and Artisan Meats Kase Krainer does this combination like they invented it. This product has a nice light smoke, a fine to medium grind and a delightful amount of swiss cheese that adds a nice smoothness. I was picking up just a hint of garlic in each bite that added the right finish and provided a European sausage feel to the product.

Overall, a very solid high quality product that I feel comfortable recommending. This mild pork and beef product is a 5 for me.


Next up is their Andouille Bite Chain. According to their website, this is a medium heat sausage in the Andouille fashion. Overall the crew here thought it was just a bit above medium heat but when has a little extra heat been a deal breaker? Well, never. We all sampled the product after warming them through on a grill and then we sent a runner out for some hawaiian mini rolls. Either way, these were a hit. A clean sausage with no filler and a very short ingredients list, these are like the smokies you get at your local supermarket except these actually taste great. Stick a toothpick in them or drop them on some rolls to impress your friends at your next gathering. I would also use these to kick up various dishes like an afternoon quiche or drop a pound of them in a pot of cabbage. Yeah, Andouille purists might get angry, but there are 101 ways to use these impressive little Andouille style sausages outside of creole. Highly recommend you pick up several packs of these flavor packed minis and keep some on hand for your upcoming celebrations. Football? Entertaining over the holidays? Whatever the occasion. Just get some. Another 5 star product.


You can order these and all of their other products direct from Artisan Meats website.

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  1. My family and myself love this Homestyle Smoked Mild Sausage. I have actually ordered direct from the company last year and recently on August 27th. Although the sausage itself was $48.00, the shipping cost me $40.00, totaling $88.00. Now as of today, we have received our credit card statement showing the payment sent to Homestyle Foods of $88.00. We have yet to receive a shipping notice or the sausage. Being on a fixed retirement, I sincerely cannot afford to write this off.

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