Sunset Farm Georgia Smoked Sausage

sunset farm georgia smoked sausage

We covered a bit about Sunset Farm in some other reviews but just to recap, a Georgia meat company in business since 1918, Sunset Farm produces just about every meat product that I can recall in my time growing up in the South. From smoked ham, picnics, and bacon to souse and liver pudding. And […]

Simply Sausage Sweet Italian Sausage

simply sausge sweet italian sausage

Another product from one of our favorite sausage makers, this sweet Italian sausage is one of the most interesting iItalian style sausages I’ve ever eaten. Italian sausage is one of my very favorite sausage products and we have sampled some of the very best for reviews in the past. Simply Sausage out of Landover Maryland […]

Sunset Farm Jalapeno Pepper Smoked Sausage

sunset farms jalapeno pepper smoked sausage review

This is our second review of a Sunset Farm product with a couple more to go. This is very much a Southern variety smoked sausage, the kind you’ll find on every backyard grill all summer long. And rightly so. Sunset Farm does a great job with this product by incorporating a subtle amount of jalapeno […]