Chorizo Sausage Recipe

Here’s a great post about selecting pre-ground pork at your local store and then making some chorizo sausage. The beauty of making sausage at home is: It’s incredibly easy. Ground pork. Spices. Done. You know what is in your sausage It amazes 95% of your friends   Forget about making links for now. Think of […]

Simply Sausage’s Chicken Sausage with Hatch Green Chiles

simply sausage chicken with hatch green chiles landover maryland

If you’ve ever been to New Mexico (or surrounding areas) when the Hatch Chiles come in, you know the pleasure of watching these beauties getting roasted and then taking some home and making some fresh green pork chili or just adding them to some eggs in the morning. One of the great eating experiences in […]

Esposito’s Italian Sausage with Provolone Cheese

This is a thin rope type sausage from Esposito’s in NY. If you’ve read our other Esposito reviews, you know that these guys can flat make sausage and this one is as good as the others. While cooking, this sausage was very aromatic, filling the kitchen with a pleasant cheesy porky scent and splitting open […]