Hillshire Farm Beer Brat (Miller Beer)

I’m always a little cautious about purchasing this type of product because as sausage goes, this is not a product for sausage snobs. And while I don’t consider myself to be a sausage snob, the facts of this particular sausage still make me feel uneasy.

hillshirefarms beer brat

Here are the facts:

  • This seems to have no casing. Which is fine but the sausage is so soft it’s like it has an anti-casing which is weird.
  • It has Miller Beer on the label. I am an admitted beer snob and Miller is something I haven’t tasted in at least 30 years.
  • This simply is not a brat in my opinion. It’s more like a mildly seasoned pre-cooked pork breakfast sausage that could serve as a hair of the dog on the morning after a binge drinking session when you’re looking for a plate of food and some red kool-aid to cool things off.

Ok, now that all the weirdness is out in the open, let me say that this mildly seasoned hot dogg’ish product actually has a decent flavor profile and I enjoyed the flavor. I didn’t like the feel of the product, I didn’t like the mouth feel of the product, I didn’t like the odd pre-cooked color. But somehow after all that hate, the “sausage like” product was decent. One more thing that concerns me. When reading the ingredients there was something called “Flavor”. Yikes.

I would buy this abomination product again. 😉

Ingredients: Pork, water, corn syrup, potassium lactate, beer, dextrose, salt, natural flavor, sodium phosphate, pork stock, flavor, msg, lemon citric acid, beef collagen casings.

One thought on “Hillshire Farm Beer Brat (Miller Beer)”

  1. Leta Bezdecheck says:

    Thanks for your ratings and commentary. I found them helpful. These brats LOOK like the ones we normally get but taste okay but are dry and gritty. I won’t get them again.

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