Bodins Hot Boudin Sausage

Although Boudin isn’t uniquely Cajun (or Creole), if you say boudin I automatically think of Cajun food which is actually boudin blanc..the white (no blood) sausage of Louisiana that consists of pork, rice and seasonings.  I realize there are other variations but it’s the boudin I have known.

The beauty of boudin in Louisiana is that other then the basic equation of pork rice, and seasonings, the recipe used by every butcher shop and town store is probably slightly different with more distinct differences noticeable as you go from region to region. You can hop over to wikipedia for a general breakdown of boudin types.

Today we are going to review Bodin’s Hot Boudin – hot meaning spice of course. This is a fairly well known boudin and it can be purchased frozen from several sites online including Cajun Grocer, one of my favorite online stores.

bodins hot boudin sausage

This is a pre-cooked product so you are just heating it through (to at least 160 degrees of course). I steamed 3 links in about a 1/4 cup of water with the lid on and then added a little olive oil to make the skin crispy but pliable. Once it was done I split the first link open..

pork boudin

And as you can see, rice, pork, and seasonings. This particular brand had nice flavor and good heat. I always find the frozen boudin products to be a little gummy but what are you going to do except enjoy it or get down to Cajun country for a boudin run? (And I feel one of those runs coming on soon!).

Overall, this is a good product with nice flavor and decent heat and I would buy it again.

Ingredients: Cooked rice, pork meat, water, dried onion, salt, brown kwik, dried parsley, dried green onion, flavoring, spices.

Hormel Natural Choice Spinach Asiago Sausage

This is a fully cooked chicken sausage from Hormel. The term Natural Choice means it’s 100% natural with no preservatives and the ingredients list is pretty clean.

I warmed this sausage through and then browned them slightly before eating. When you look at this sausage, there is an amazing amount of spinach and you can also see a good number of white flecks underneath the casing surface. The grind is fine and the sausage has a nice texture with a pronounced spinach taste – which is pretty nice considering spinach is such a mild tasting vegetable. Unfortunately the asiago cheese, which happens to be one of my favorites, is nearly undetectable. Asiago is such a strong tasting cheese and it seems that just a small amount against the near flavorless chicken and the mild spinach would stand out. Unfortunately that’s not the case. At $4.99 for 12 oz, this is priced as a premium product and I would consider it to be just that (for chicken sausage) if all the flavors came through.

As it is, I thought it was over priced and I wouldn’t purchase this sausage again.

Hillshire Farm Beer Brat (Miller Beer)

I’m always a little cautious about purchasing this type of product because as sausage goes, this is not a product for sausage snobs. And while I don’t consider myself to be a sausage snob, the facts of this particular sausage still make me feel uneasy.

hillshirefarms beer brat

Here are the facts:

  • This seems to have no casing. Which is fine but the sausage is so soft it’s like it has an anti-casing which is weird.
  • It has Miller Beer on the label. I am an admitted beer snob and Miller is something I haven’t tasted in at least 30 years.
  • This simply is not a brat in my opinion. It’s more like a mildly seasoned pre-cooked pork breakfast sausage that could serve as a hair of the dog on the morning after a binge drinking session when you’re looking for a plate of food and some red kool-aid to cool things off.

Ok, now that all the weirdness is out in the open, let me say that this mildly seasoned hot dogg’ish product actually has a decent flavor profile and I enjoyed the flavor. I didn’t like the feel of the product, I didn’t like the mouth feel of the product, I didn’t like the odd pre-cooked color. But somehow after all that hate, the “sausage like” product was decent. One more thing that concerns me. When reading the ingredients there was something called “Flavor”. Yikes.

I would buy this abomination product again. 😉

Ingredients: Pork, water, corn syrup, potassium lactate, beer, dextrose, salt, natural flavor, sodium phosphate, pork stock, flavor, msg, lemon citric acid, beef collagen casings.