Bourque’s Pork Boudin

We recently received a shipment of various smoked sausage and boudin from Borque Specialties in Port Barre La (thanks guys!). I’ve started making my way through some of their fine sausage products but after sampling their boudin, I knew that it was going to be the first product we reviewed for the site. Continue reading “Bourque’s Pork Boudin”

Guinness Beer Brats

I saw this product as I was walking through my local Kroger grocery store so being a fan of Guinness and a fan of brats, this product made perfect sense to me. I quickly picked one up and headed home to give them a try.

A pork sausage with a strong beer flavoring, I thought these were ok. Their main competition is probably the Hillshire Farm Miller Beer brat that we reviewed some time ago.

The Guinness brat had a stronger beer flavor and in fact was a little strong for my taste. I think the Hillshire product was better seasoned and had a milder beer taste.

If you like Guinness and you like brats I would say give these a shot (maybe even as a hair of the dog). I probably won’t buy them again but would rate them a 2.5 on a scale of 5.

Pederson Farms Andouille Sausage

This is the second review of Pederson farms products – see here for the first review.

If you read our last review you know how much we appreciate the type of products that Pederson Farms produces, with clean ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Today we are trying their Andouille sausage. Pardon the photo…apparently my photo skills need work.

Let me start by saying that this was not the best example of an Andouille sausage I have ever eaten. But in the style (Andouille), this was one of the best sausages I’ve eaten in some time. I know that sounds confusing so let me try it this way. This was not a GREAT Andouille sausage but it was a GREAT sausage with nice Andouille flavors.  Not greasy but juicy, I would describe this as a very meaty sausage with densely packed and well seasoned pork.

The grind was finer then many Andouille sausages I’ve had in the past and it wasn’t as spicy as most.

Neither of those issues however detracted from an excellent sausage experience. I grilled these but they would be right at home in any dish or sandwich, prepared in any manner you prefer.

This gets a strong 8 out of 10 on my scale and I highly recommend you try this product.



Three Pepper Sausage from the Maestro Sausage Company

This is a wonderfully porky sausage with medium heat and just a touch of sweetness from the peppers.  Solid flavors all around, it would be perfect on the grill or dropped in a pan with some peppers, onions, and a good red sauce, then baked for a couple of hours to let it all come together. in fact, that sounds like dinner this weekend. The heat was a nice pepper style of mellow heat and not the almost caustic unnatural heat you get from some sausages when the manufacturer relies solely on cayenne.

Here’s my only beef with this product. I’m not a fan of smoke flavoring because of the aftertaste that it leaves. I think this is a fine sausage but I think overall it would be better if the liquid smoke was left out. (See Nick’s clarification below on this)

I would purchase this sausage and recommend you give it a try.

Hormel Natural Choice Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

This is our second review of this product line following up on Hormels Spinach Asiago Chicken sausage.

hormel jalapeno cheddar sausage

The Hormel Jalapeno Cheddar sausage is an all natural chicken sausage that’s gluten free and fully cooked. Much like their Spinach Asiago, I found this sausage to be one note – spicy from the jalapenos, with nearly no cheddar flavor or texture.  Both of these products have a clean ingredients list and a nice grind but both would be better products if they had either more cheese or a better quality cheese with a more pronounced flavor. At $4.99 for a 12oz package, this is a premium product for off the grocery store shelf sausage but unfortunately neither quite live up to the billing on the package.

I would pass on buying this again unless Hormel decides to reformulate the product with more and better cheese.

Ingredients: Dark chicken meat, cheddar cheese, vinegar, salt, jalapeno peppers, paprika, green chile peppers, spices, cilantro, roasted onions, natural flavoring