Chorizo Sausage Recipe

Here’s a great post about selecting pre-ground pork at your local store and then making some chorizo sausage. The beauty of making sausage at home is:

  • It’s incredibly easy. Ground pork. Spices. Done.
  • You know what is in your sausage
  • It amazes 95% of your friends

Forget about making links for now. Think of the hundreds of dishes you can make using bulk pork sausage and just have at it! We will be making a few short videos on making sausage at home but here’s a great starter for you:

I like to make my own sausage. That way I know what’s actually in it and the amount of fat content. I have also found over the years that I’m forever taking the sausage meat out of it casing to use in various dishes. So awhile back I began to make my own sausage meat when our favourite Sausage Man retired leaving us to find a new source. A source I could not find because most were either filled with high amounts of fat or contained ingredients I did not want to eat, like fillers and such.

Go here for the rest of the post and the homemade chorizo sausage recipe