Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020. We have some big things planned for this year here on SausageReviews.com. Keep an eye out for some site updates as well as more reviews!

Speaking of reviews…if you’re interested in writing about sausage, let us know in the comments! We’re happy to post some user reviews. Also, if you want us to try out some new sausage, we’re all ears. We want to keep you and the rest of the sausage community informed!

Southern Foodways Alliance

Stepping off topic this morning to bring you one of my favorite organizations (and their website). The Southern Foodways Alliance. If you’re not familiar with this group, they document the history of Southern Food and the people who catch it, cook it, and serve it.

In my opinion, there is nothing better then grabbing your beverage of choice and sitting back to read and watch stuff in their documentaries area.

I highly recommend you spend some time getting to know them and if you feel compelled to support them by becoming a member all the better.



ConAgra Acquires Tennessee Pride Sausage

ConAgra has purchased Tennessee Pride Sausage Company. If you’ve never had Tennessee Pride let me just say that their Hot Sausage is the only country bulk sausage that I have used over the years for making sausage cheese balls. Why? Because it’s actually the hottest bulk country sausage I have been able to find in any grocery store so it gives the sausage balls a nice kick. I sure hope ConAgra isn’t planning on messing with the details of the sausage.

ConAgra acquires Tennessee Pride sausage | The Tennessean | tennessean.com.


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