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We recently requested some products from this 100+ year old meat company and they were kind enough to oblige.


Let me start by saying that boudain is one of my favorite things on this planet and if you know what boudain is, you probably know Zummo’s. If you’ve never had boudain or you live outside of the territory and would love to have a source for some great boudain, you’re in luck because Zummo’s brand boudain is available in no less then 40 states at Walmart. You must absolutely get to your local Walmart and get some on a regular basis. If they don’t carry it, ask for it by name OR splurge and grab a case online at Zummo.com. It freezes well and you will love having extra.


Zummo’s is a family business that has been operating since 1908 in Beaumont Texas as a meat processor and a maker of fine sausage products. That’s over 100 years of experience and it shows in the quality of their products.




I received some of their fabulous boudain and a package of their best selling party links as well as some andouille. The party links, which I have not had before, were a fine grind smoked sausage, nicely spiced but not hot spicy, that cooked up well on the stove and on the grill. This is a great every day sausage. The kind that you buy a couple of packs and keep in your freezer for afternoon cookouts or a big pot of beans or cabbage. The sausage was free of any bone or by products showing that the Zummo’s are still paying attention to the details. I recommend you pick some up locally or purchase off their website.




I won’t say much about the boudain because it’s probably clear that I like it and I buy it regularly at my local Walmart. It’s good stuff.





Zummo has been around for a long time and these folks do a fine job with everything I’ve ever had the opportunity to sample. So get to your local store or order online, but get some Zummo products and overall I give them a 5 star review for their solid combination of great products for dining and cooking your favorite authentic dishes.




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  • Leslie Bennett on

    I will have to look for the boudin – it’s also one of my favorites and I miss it, after having moved from Houston back to the North.

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