New Braunfels Sausage

New Braunfels has been around for more then 70 years and has a great reputation in Texas and beyond. They recently sent me a nice variety of their sausages for review.


Pictured above is their cheddar japapeno but I’m going to give a brief overview of the varieties I received.

Cheddar jalapeno – This was a very nice pork and beef sausage that contained a nice quality cheddar taste and a good authentic japaleno punch. I’d rate this a classic 4 star german influence Texas style sausage. Very nice.


Cooked bratwurst and beer bratwurst – While I recognize the connection between Germans and bratwurst, smoked and pre-cooked brats are not as desired as fresh brats and I although the spice was spot on for both of these, I just don’t enjoy them as much as I do a well made fresh brat. Probably just me but I’m giving these 3 stars. Ok, but you can do better with a good fresh brat.


Their Tex-Mex sausage and their cheddar sausage were both very nice with the texmex variety having a great spice(y) profile that i really enjoyed. 4 stars.


Apple Wurst – I’m sure this sausage is somebodies favorite but it offended my taste buds. I was somewhat prepared for a sweetish flavor but this was like eating a bowl of salty smoked applesauce. It just hit me wrong. 2 stars for me.


Overall some really good stuff from this long time smokehouse. If you don’t have these in your area and you’re looking for a good traditional German style sausage, give these a try by ordering online.

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