Homestyle Foods Hot Smoked Sausage

One thing I’ve noticed over the years..when it comes to what is “hot”, opinions vary. Greatly. Judging by the spice level in their Hot Smoked Sausage, the folks at Homestyle Foods understand hot.

homestyle foods hot smoked sausage

I picked up a package of their Hot Smoked Sausage on a recent trip to Kroger. This is a medium grind sausage that has the right amount of smoke and a large dose of heat. In fact, if you like your smoked sausage to be spicy, this is your sausage. After cooking and slicing off a few pieces, I decided the heat was a bit much for my palate and slapped two pieces on a nice roll I had picked up at Panera’s earlier in the day. I added some sauteed bell peppers and some mayo to cool things down a bit and quite frankly, it was still almost to spicy hot for me. One note. I’m a fan of sage sausage and since sage is listed as the number 3 ingredient, I expected a little more sage flavor but I didn’t pick up on any.

Considering that I find most sausages that are labeled hot to be anything but, I would buy this product again whenever I’m looking for that extra heat.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, sage, red pepper, msg, dextrose, sugar, black pepper, flavorings, sodium nitrite.

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4 Responses to “Homestyle Foods Hot Smoked Sausage”

  • Jan Copeland on

    I agree with you concerning the amount of heat with homestyle hot smoked sausage.They are very hot and the mild are really mild.I wish there was something in between.but with that said, these are my favorite sausage ever.I recently moved to Virginia from Florida and I am dismayed that they’re not sold anywhere in this area.actually, there seems to be a very small variety of sausage in general here.The only consolation being that I can order my second favorite “Sunset Farms brand” online.

  • […] the second bite a very nice mellow heat starts to kick in. Not over powering like a traditional southern hot sausage we reviewed here and really exactly what you’re looking for in this style. As you cut into […]

  • Kelvin E Smith on

    Homestyle sausage are the best by far that I have ever eaten !!

  • Vincent on

    These are by far the best hot sausage I can find and I have tried many. The heat is perfect. Hot is their claim and its delivered with a great smoky flavor.

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