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Welcome to SausageReviews.com – Much like beer, the national sausage market in the US had become boring as large conglomerates pushed out mostly bland and boring products with little taste and imagination. But also like beer, the sausage has become the darling of craft(y) chefs and small producers who are developing fabulous artisan products locally, regionally, and even some for the mass market. After all, what goes better with your favorite craft beer then a great well made craft sausage?

At SausageReviews.com we are on the forefront of the sausage renaissance as we seek out and review products from small and large purveyors around the country. Gone are the days where sausage was seen as an unhealthy, almost life threatening product, as industrious chefs turn out leaner and tastier products made from wild game, chicken, and yes, even skinnier pork. Our website came about from the simple desire to read about different sausage products from around the country, but the dearth of information available was astounding. In our travels we saw an amazing array of great fresh, smoked, and dried products, but nobody was writing about them and telling others where they could purchase these sausages.

Our goal is to educate both consumers and sausage lovers around the country while supporting the hard work and imagination of the many local businesses turning out tasty sausages by bringing together sausage buyers and sellers.

Mulay’s Sausage

I love a good, well made high quality smoked sausage. If you mix in a nice cheese and maybe some jalapeno, I’m in heaven. On the other hand, it’s hard to beat a fresh sausage made with high quality pork and subtle spices. The experiences are very different and I’m not sure I could choose between one or the other if it came down to naming my favorite.

But if I were forced to select one purveyor to buy from for the rest of my days on this planet, I would narrow the choices by the number of available styles, flavors, quality, and taste. I would make sure the company provided a wide range of great, not good – great, sausage products. We have had the opportunity to sample some of the best sausage products in the country and we have awarded 5 stars to companies like Maestro for their exceptional Italian sausage products and the same for Esposito’s, a NY favorite with a great lineup of products.

But if I’m only able to buy from one company forever, I require a little more variety.

If you read our reviews, you know that we think Stan at Meat Crafters (formerly Simply Sausage) is a genius. He consistently creates unique fresh sausage products that are as good as sausage gets. His subtle adjustments to something as simple as a half-smoke really blew me away. He would be one of my 3 finalists.

So the title of this post is Mulay’s Sausage and I’ve been rambling on for several minutes now about if I were forced to choose one sausage maker to buy from for the rest of my life. As you’ve probably guessed, Mulay’s would fill a top 3 finalist spot.

Mulay’s sent us a very nice selection of their products but I’m only going to review one because it exemplifies their products as a whole. So here we go.


Mulay’s Killer Hot Italian Sausage


One look at the ingredients list and I had a high hopes for this product. Plus, it’s really hard to find a Hot Italian sausage that I find to be hot so I look forward to sampling extra hot italian sausage from the few companies that actually make one.

Ingredients: Pork, water, salt, red pepper, black pepper, spices, cayenne pepper, and capsicum. Boom. Clean lists like that for fresh sausage always get my hopes up.

This sausage hit all the right notes. The pork tasted like it had just been ground, the heat was 2 steps above the average hot italian sausage, and the sausage was juicy without being greasy. I think the main takeaway for all of their products was how fresh the pork tasted and the perfect hand applied to spicing each product.

As we prepared the sausage products, mutterings like “wow”, and “that’s really good” could be heard around the room. Each time I rolled out the next product, it started all over again. That’s about as good as it gets in my opinion.

In closing, if you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase this product locally, do so. If not, just order from their website. You will not be disappointed. Hands down, 5 stars across the board for all 10 products we received.




Artisan Meats of Canandaigua NY

Formerly known as Hartmann’s Old World Sausage, the Artisan Meats company has changed names, but they have not missed a beat when it comes to producing fine products.

In business now for 53 years, Artisan Meats offers a full line of Brats, Wursts, and their version of regional favorites like Smoked Chorizo and Andouille as well as Ham, Liverwurst and Cold Cuts.

I recently received a shipment of some of their sausage products and immediately got busy sampling.

Kase Krainer – Is it just me or is hard to go wrong with smoked sausage and cheese? Always one of my favorite combinations, and Artisan Meats Kase Krainer does this combination like they invented it. This product has a nice light smoke, a fine to medium grind and a delightful amount of swiss cheese that adds a nice smoothness. I was picking up just a hint of garlic in each bite that added the right finish and provided a European sausage feel to the product.

Overall, a very solid high quality product that I feel comfortable recommending. This mild pork and beef product is a 5 for me.



Next up is their Andouille Bite Chain. According to their website, this is a medium heat sausage in the Andouille fashion. Overall the crew here thought it was just a bit above medium heat but when has a little extra heat been a deal breaker? Well, never. We all sampled the product after warming them through on a grill and then we sent a runner out for some hawaiian mini rolls. Either way, these were a hit. A clean sausage with no filler and a very short ingredients list, these are like the smokies you get at your local supermarket except these actually taste great. Stick a toothpick in them or drop them on some rolls to impress your friends at your next gathering. I would also use these to kick up various dishes like an afternoon quiche or drop a pound of them in a pot of cabbage. Yeah, Andouille purists might get angry, but there are 101 ways to use these impressive little Andouille style sausages outside of creole. Highly recommend you pick up several packs of these flavor packed minis and keep some on hand for your upcoming celebrations. Football? Entertaining over the holidays? Whatever the occasion. Just get some. Another 5 star product.




You can order these and all of their other products direct from Artisan Meats website.



Zummo Meat Company

We recently requested some products from this 100+ year old meat company and they were kind enough to oblige.


Let me start by saying that boudain is one of my favorite things on this planet and if you know what boudain is, you probably know Zummo’s. If you’ve never had boudain or you live outside of the territory and would love to have a source for some great boudain, you’re in luck because Zummo’s brand boudain is available in no less then 40 states at Walmart. You must absolutely get to your local Walmart and get some on a regular basis. If they don’t carry it, ask for it by name OR splurge and grab a case online at Zummo.com. It freezes well and you will love having extra.


Zummo’s is a family business that has been operating since 1908 in Beaumont Texas as a meat processor and a maker of fine sausage products. That’s over 100 years of experience and it shows in the quality of their products.




I received some of their fabulous boudain and a package of their best selling party links as well as some andouille. The party links, which I have not had before, were a fine grind smoked sausage, nicely spiced but not hot spicy, that cooked up well on the stove and on the grill. This is a great every day sausage. The kind that you buy a couple of packs and keep in your freezer for afternoon cookouts or a big pot of beans or cabbage. The sausage was free of any bone or by products showing that the Zummo’s are still paying attention to the details. I recommend you pick some up locally or purchase off their website.




I won’t say much about the boudain because it’s probably clear that I like it and I buy it regularly at my local Walmart. It’s good stuff.





Zummo has been around for a long time and these folks do a fine job with everything I’ve ever had the opportunity to sample. So get to your local store or order online, but get some Zummo products and overall I give them a 5 star review for their solid combination of great products for dining and cooking your favorite authentic dishes.




Bobak Sausage Company

The good people at Bobak’s recently sent over a few of their products including cooked bratwurst, a pack of maxwell polish, and a smoked polish ring. Bobak’s is a nearly 50 year old purveyor on the South side of Chicago and they produce a nice variety of products for sale both online and in their store.

bobak sausage company cooked bratwurst

All 3 sausage products I received were very good representations of their individual styles as well as being perfectly seasoned products. Of the three, I thought the bratwurst was a real standout. Great texture, great taste and a surprisingly nice casing made this a real winner. Almost all pre-cooked bratwurst that I have sampled over the years falls short in one of the those three categories but Bobak’s knocked it out of the park.

This is a product I would order online year round unless I was lucky enough to live within driving distance of their store. I recommend you give them a try!



Dearborn Products

I recently received a nice package of products from Dearborn Brand up in Michigan. In business since 1946, Dearborn produces a wide variety of products including hams, condiments, and of course sausage.


1904 Natural Casing Hotdogs – Unfortunately for me, in my area it is almost impossible to find a natural casing hotdog, much less a good one. So I was pleased when I opened the box to find a one pound package of their 1904 Natural Casing Dogs. I found these to be a top tier dog with great spicing, a perfect grind, and a spot on natural casing with a great snap. I didn’t realize how much I missed this type of product and I would rate this particular dog a strong 4. If you can’t get NC dogs in your area, buy these online and they will ship them right out to you.


I also received some of their Smoked Kielbasa. This was an excellent example of a fine kielbasa product with no grit, no filler, and a fabulous meaty fine grind. Spiced right and ready to toss on the grill, you just couldn’t do any better then this at your next backyard bbq.